July, 2019

Dear Riviera family,

What a summer we are having!  And I am not talking about the odd weather patterns taking place but of God’s work being done at Riviera and through Riviera’s mission and justice ministries!

In June, we answered God’s call with in generous response to our national church’s Pentecost offering which goes for youth ministries throughout our church.  We responded to the Gun Safety/Wear Orange Week by donning orange stoles during worship and signing petitions for regulations on assault weapons.  And we attended a rally in Homestead to close the child detention center located there.

We have also enjoyed our less formal summer worship with an exciting ‘set up’ in the sanctuary as we journey with Moses and God’s people throughout the Book of Exodus.  With a map of the Sinai Peninsula on the sanctuary floor where we can map out their trip and our table sandboxes filled with items from the Exodus story, Exodus has become a story which is experiential, real, and relevant to all of us at every age.

We continue the journey this month with Moses and Aaron leading the Hebrew people on that looooong journey to Mt Sinai.  And we will find that they are just as human as we are…. On July 21st we will take a break from Exodus to celebrate Christmas in July as I have found living in the heat and humidity of South Florida that we ‘need a little Christmas’ by July each year.

The Good News we are living out is that church is relevant, that faith is living, and that God is doing wonderful things at Riviera Presbyterian Church.

Share that joy with others so that all will know and experience the love of God that can be found here.



The Rev. Martha M. Shiverick

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