October 2018

Dear Riviera Family,

A friend from Cleveland called me a few weeks ago to tell me about a video of a comedian she had recently viewed on Netflix.  She thought the message in it was powerful and she wished she had a venue for talking about it with other people.  And interestingly, the same video had been recommended to me by a member of our church and I had just watched it. We discussed the content of the video and the role of humor in talking about difficult subjects.

After I hung up the phone, I thought she was right, the topics brought up by Hannah Gadsby in her video are important as they are moral and topical and how blessed I was to have our church and our groups like Theology Uncorked to discuss them.  For those of you who have never been,  Theology Uncorked is a monthly meeting where discussions merge our faith and current events.  All are welcome.  This month, instead of meeting at the Titanic Brewery, we will meet in the church library and order ‘take out’ so that we might watch the video and discuss it.  It is wonderful to serve a church that enjoys wrestling with issues of faith and people who strive to live out their morals and ethics.

Being faithful people, is a life long journey where we constantly work to merge our beliefs with the lives we live.  It is not just a Sunday experience, but is in our day to day living.    October is always a great month at Riviera, beginning with World Wide Communion, where we are reminded through liturgy and sacrament that, as Christians of many denominations and differing beliefs, we are still one body.  And we end the month with Reformation Sunday where we remember our heritage as a part of the reformed church.  This year, we will once again have a Reformation Sing-A-Long at Duffy’s Bar with our friends from The Gables Congregational UCC Church.

I look forward to continuing our journeys of faith together as a family called Riviera.




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