November, 2019

Dear Riviera Family,

Throughout the past few weeks and continuing until Thanksgiving, members of the church have been sharing with us their personal lists of twenty things for which they are grateful.  I loved Bryan’s list which included  singing, Karen’s list with her kitten, and Kyle’s list where he told us about the places he has been able to live.  Thank you all for sharing them and I look forward to hearing other’s lists as well.

Gratitude and thanksgiving are topics this time of year as our Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving takes place.  It is important to step back from the hustle and bustle of life and remember that we are indeed blessed with so much and as a people of faith, and that we believe these blessings come from God.  This past month we also have been challenging each other to give away an individual bag of groceries from our food pantry to someone we see on the street that looks as though they need it and to ask them their name, greet them by name and shake their hands, and let them know our name.  Yesterday I handed Scott an individual bag from our pantry which contained food that did not have to be cooked…  toiletries… water and juice… and a pair of socks.  Scott, in return, blessed and thanked me.

Truth is…. although I loved being blessed by Scott, I already knew I was blessed.  God has blessed me in so many ways.  And God has blessed each of you as well.  In November we are asked to make our commitment to the church for the next calendar year by filling out the Stewardship Pledge form which was mailed out to you last week.  As you consider your 2020 financial commitment to Riviera Church, consider the importance of the church in your life and the many blessings you receive from it.

In Love and In Christ,


The Rev. Martha M. Shiverick


PS – Don’t forget to begin your Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration with the Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service at 7pm on November 20th!

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