Riviera Church

Visions and Dreams

Hi everyone! I’m Karen Collier. I’m one of the elders here at Riviera. I want to thank Pastor Missy for allowing me to speak to you today. The book of Acts is filled with so many interesting and exciting stories. The story of the encounter of Peter and Cornelius is one of them. One of

Sermon – The Promise and The Charge

Today we begin our summer sermon series on the Book of Acts.  I was brought up as a good Presbyterian child.  What I knew about the Bible was through the sermons delivered on Sunday and the wonderful Hebrew Bible stories brought to life by my Sunday School teacher Mr. Landgraf.  The Rev. Henry Anderson’s sermons

Dreams and Visions

‘Dreams and Visions’ Ever wonder why we have a Nativity Pageant at church and each year?  We never get tired of them.  And here at Riviera, we have had all sorts of pageants and I am sooooo looking forward to the one we are going to have in just a few moments. I want to

Missy’s Message December 12

December 2019 Dear Riviera Family, Are you excited about the Christmas season?  Many of you might have conflicting emotions about what is referred to as ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’.  I have shared with you that I used to feel blue during the holidays and was able to finally experience the joy of

When God Dwells Among Us

This morning’s scripture lessons were the last few verses from the Book of Exodus which we trekked through all summer and the first verses from the Gospel of John.  Simply stated, their message is that God is with us.  Before I went on vacation last week, I read them and took copies of them with

Jesus at a Pharisee’s House

Anna E. Rosas, Inquirer in the PCUSA September 1, 2019 Luke 14:1, 7-14 Good Morning Who didn’t think they would be here this Morning? I’m your typical Miami native who didn’t put her shutters up, bought minimal water, and prepared by buying snacks and sharing hurricane Memes on social media. We natives seem flippant, about hurricanes

The Blood of the Covenant

August 11, 2019 Exodus 24 Exodus: The Story of God’s Love for God’s People: The Blood of the Covenant The Rev. Martha M. Shiverick Riviera Presbyterian Church In another month we are going to install and ordain new officers to the session.  We will do this during a worship service on a Sunday in September. 

The Lord and the gods of Egypt

Because I did not think it was appropriate for me, as your pastor, to use the phrase ‘pissing contest’ in a sermon, I looked the phrase up on line in the urban dictionaries which suggested I say ‘a competition between rivals to determine superiority, predominance, or leadership’ or ….that I use the phrase ‘pissing match’…..

Elder Meditation – Michele Ready

Elder Meditation–Michele Ready For those of you who don’t know me– I have been a member of Rivera since 1994 and an elder since 1999. I have served in many capacities, for many years. Then for a complicated set of reasons, I took a break from almost all of it, and now I am returning

It Is So Much More Than an Idle Tale

(As I begin this sermon, I must recognize what has happened this Easter to our Christian brothers and sisters worshipping on this Easter morning in Sri Lanka.  My heart is heavy for the more than two hundred people killed by bombs in the churches and hotels.  Just as three years ago, I stood here and