Rev. Martha Shiverick

Sermon – ‘Forgiveness: It’s More Than Debts and Debtors!’

Last Sunday we finished up our summer sermon series on the Book of Acts. For those of you who followed it throughout the summer, I must tell you that you now know more about Acts than most seminary students. Today we will turn to the Gospel of Matthew and will continue in Matthew, studying Jesus’

Sermon – Back on the Road Again – Journey #2

In one of the churches I previously served, we came up with an evangelism plan.  At the Annual Meeting which takes place in most Presbyterian Churches in January where the budget is discussed, we would give a St. Paul the Evangelist Award to the member who invited and brought to church the most guests during


This summer we are studying the Book of Acts which tells the story of the early Christians, following Jesus’ death, growing from a small sect within Judaism to an international religion.  In the weeks prior we have seen the Holy Spirit at work moving the disciples out into the countryside telling people of the teachings

Sermon – Speaking God’s Truth in Politically Charged Environment

The great theologians of the last century had a common thread in their belief that faith and church cannot live outside of society.  Bonhoeffer, the Niebuhr brothers, Tillich, and Tutu and Coffin all saw the role of church and religion to be in the daily dirt of humanity.  They were not mystics, but saw that

Sermon – True Communication

A remarkable practice has developed during this period of social distancing, insecurity, and emotional unrest due to the CO-Vid 19 pandemic where people are asked to look each day for where you see God and where you see God’s message in what is happening.  And I must admit, it is easier to see God’s message

Sermon – God Be With You Until We Meet Again

The Gospel of John is not the easiest gospel to read.  Having been written a generation after the synoptic Gospels, it contains theology and mysticism that is not found in the other three Gospels and is harder to decipher.  Where the other Gospels tell the where and when of the story, John tries to explain

Sermon – What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love

In his Wednesday morning blog, Catholic Priest and Theologian Richard Rohr made the conclusion that because Jesus’ fundamental vision was that all people are ‘children of God’ whenever he met a person he would have therefore believed that God was somehow present in them. And any of us who take or have taken a yoga

Having a Shepherd, Being a Shepherd

At our zoom coffee hour last week, I shared that I had cried that morning.  I don’t stay up late normally and in this time of physical distancing, my bedtime has even gotten a little earlier.  But I have always been a morning person and have been enjoying getting up a little bit earlier these

The Doubter’s Club

This Sunday has several code names in church circles.  Like the Sunday after Christmas, it is often referred to as a Low Sunday, meaning that after filling the church pews last Sunday, ….it will be a low attendance Sunday this week.  It is also emotionally a low day after the high of the holiday the

There is Good News To Be Found

So, Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb of Jesus and finds that things are not right.  She does not enter, but sees that things have been moved… the rock that covers the entrance is moved… It looks suspicious!!!….there has definably been a change since she last saw it.  She runs to where the apostles (who