GATE Program

A non-punitive approach has proven to be far more effective in changing attitudes and behaviors.

f197e1_3bfcfcebd37e4ef1a0767418461994caThe GATE Program at Jackson Memorial Hospital is an alternative court-mandated program for adolescents involved with weapons. The six-month long after school intervention is an experiential educational program focusing on life choices and consequences. A non-punitive approach has proven to be far more effective in changing attitudes and behaviors.f197e1_a63cb6fa17af44ae86fec05b7df4b90a The youths learn first-hand the injury and death consequences of risk taking choices. During the last two months of the program they learn and build new skills to deal with their everyday lives at school, home, and on the street with their peers. Positive peer pressure is used to facilitate change. The program culminates in a graduation including a CPR Certificate to acknowledge their achievements. The program has been funded for the past 15 years by the Youth Crime Task Force of Miami-Dade County. Riviera Presbyterian Church has hosted the graduations for several years and has been the program’s fiscal agent for the past three years. One of the unexpected outcomes and evidence of the program’s success has been the continued return of the graduates to the program. Another component of the curriculum has been to teach these graduates to become Peer Mentors and program instructors. Many graduates stay in touch with the program through social media. Peer Mentors play a significant role in community outreach and provide education on topics such as bullying prevention and peer pressure at schools, health fairs and other social service programs.

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